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    Success Tips for Watering Grass Seed

    Posted on Fri, May 07, 2010

     Watering Grass Seed for the Best Results

    Newly seeded lawns have the best success, when watering grass seed 2 or 3 times per day. No matter whether you seed in the spring or the fall, new seed needs to be kept moist at all times, until it germinates.

    grass seed

    Keep the surface of the soil and seed moist. The lawn should never be soggy or squishy when you walk on it.  Lawn watering does not need to go deep at this time, because new seed has very shallow roots.

    germinating grass seed

    When watering grass seed more than one time per day, be sure to cut your watering time so over watering does not occur.  Watering new seed is best done before dawn, again between 10 am to noon,  and 4-6 pm.  This ensures steady moisture during the drying effects of day light hours.  After 14-21 days, your regular seasonal watering schedule can be resumed.

    Never allow new grass to wilt or dry out before beginning to water.   If you have a lawn sprinkler system, adjust your sprinkler run times a minimum of once per month for lowest watering costs and best lawn growth.

    germinated grass seedAs the season goes from summer to fall, watering time can decrease dramatically.  In southern New Jersey, August watering time can often be 90%  of June and July.  September’s lawn watering need can be 60% of peak summer watering.  So save money and don’t drown the new grass.



    Watering Grass Seed Tips

    • do not worry about causing lawn disease or fungus problems
    • do not focus on watering deeply
    • water 3 times per day
    • water just enough to keep the seed and soil moist at all times
    • rain and cloudy days are your friends
    • follow the watering schedule for at least 14-21 days
    • fertilize the seed at time of planting or shortly after
    • mow as soon as needed
    • regular mowing promotes lawn thickening

    mature grass seed lawn Click for help with your sprinkler system   Need a lawn sprinkler system?  Click here.

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